Eco protection events in Canada worth your attention

Eco protection events worth your attention

Climate change is rapidly affecting countries the world over. The greenhouse effect is increasing with the passage of time. Different parts of the world are predicted to receive severe weather changes which are perilous for the world environment. The eco-protection is something that is highly discussed topic in Canada. There are many organizations like Environment Canada which is working to make sure that the correct predictions regarding weather are made. This will allow the country to experience less severe climate changes. In addition to such organizations, there are many events which are carried out in Canada to protect the ecosystem of the country. Such events also make sure that awareness is created among the general public. There are many websites which publish the calendars to make sure that the environment enthusiasts attend these events regularly. Continue reading “Eco protection events worth your attention”

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Coordination between environmental policy makers and engineers is essential, for real

Who could imagine that smart energy infrastructure could bring waste while it is supposed to save natural resources and eventually deliver certain monetary value to the state economy? Turns out when handled badly, the cure only leads to pain. According to the latest statistics provided by the fair-minded community of local engineers known as the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, clean electricity in the amount worth of $1 billion was wasted in Ontario last year, which represents a major loss. The problem occurred due to many factors, mostly related to the technology applied and the bodies responsible for corresponding decision making. Continue reading “Coordination between environmental policy makers and engineers is essential, for real”

Advancement of Environment Assessment processes in Canada – have your say

Advancement of Environment Assessment processes in Canada – have your say!

While the latest version of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) dating back to 2012 has proved to be inefficient so far, a panel of experts in ecology launched a high-level public review session in order to analyze the current state of the assessment processes in Canada and suggest some ways of optimization to turn Environmental Assessment into a truly powerful decision making tool. Unfortunately, now this system does not achieve its initial goals to bring value to the Canadian economy, society and, what’s more, environment itself due to the lack of practical information to be used during creation of state policies and programs that somehow deal with ecology (e.g. pipeline approvals). Continue reading “Advancement of Environment Assessment processes in Canada – have your say!”


Canadians aim to monetize on ecotourism: popular and safe

As people travel more and more in the 21st century, at some point it feels boring to simply raise your feet on another beach somewhere in Europe or visit a hundredth museum in a row. Escaping from the city vibes in search of some extraordinary experience, many travellers have now turned to ecotourism: visiting natural areas attempting to leave the minimum carbon footprint (for example through getting to the point by boats instead of fueled transport), therefore preserving the natural integrity. In most cases, the ecotourism destinations are not adapted to host guests at all, which is why visitors have to literally survive there on their own. Continue reading “Canadians aim to monetize on ecotourism: popular and safe”